We want to set an example for sustainability in shipping by sustainably operating a very fast ship on the longest imaginable route – once around the globe! The FAST One combines advanced technologies to demonstrate their synergies in an overall sustainable, marketready solution.

Our key sustainability goals:

Significant reduction of emissions

Significant optimization of consumption

Proof of Concept:

World record! We will provide proof of sustainability even in high-performance and continuous operation with a new round-the-world trip in record time –

24,000 nautical miles at 40 knots in 40 days!

Sustainability goal emission reduction:

Internal combustion engines widely available on the market can be significantly reduced in emissions without costly retrofitting, through the use of circular synthetic fuels (e-fuels). Our team member Prof. Dr. Rüdiger-A. Eichel, Institute Director at Forschungszentrum Jülich, is researching the development of CO2-neutral fuels through climate-friendly power-to-X technologies and is contributing these to our project.

Sustainability goal consumption optimization:

A key factor is the efficiency and performance of our platform. “The FAST One” is a hydrofoil-supported catamaran that combines the advantages of a gliding boat with those of a pure hydrofoil boat.


Two fixed wings between the hulls reduce draft, lower drag and allow a very high cruising speed even under demanding conditions. This principle, developed by our team member and hydrodynamicist Prof. Karl-Günter Hoppe, South Africa, has often been put into practice.


Combined with an aero- and hydrodynamically pioneering design and lightweight construction, the result is an unusually powerful type of ship. As a result, we can demonstrably achieve a performance improvement of around 40% as compared to conventional designs and ensure sustained speeds of over 40 knots even in rougher sea conditions.


The high speeds of the boat in almost all weather and visibility conditions require reconnaissance of the sea area ahead much further in advance than is usually the case, and reliable detection of floating or semisubmerged objects and obstacles is particularly important. By using the most advanced electronics available, we are also setting another milestone in safety.

Relevance to shipping and society in general:

We are not pursuing an exotic niche project, as our concept can be implemented 1:1 in series production – with demonstrably great sustainable benefits!


Our yacht is based on a proven scalable platform with potential for a wide range of particularly fast boats to be operated sustainably:

  • Coast Guard
  • Customs
  • Navy
  • Transport/Ferry Operations
  • SAR/High Seas Rescue/Intervention
  • Wind farm tender
  • etc.


As the large-scale production and availability of synthetic fuels are still in the early stages, our type of our type of ship already achieves outstanding efficiency even with conventional fuels without any limitations (the additional targeted reduction of emissions is then based solely on consumption optimization).


With our project, we want to raise awareness for synthetic fuels and their potential in the maritime world – after the aviation industry in particular, but also the automotive industry, have already recognized this potential. In this respect, we see our project as a lighthouse project with great reach!


We circumnavigate the globe according to the regulations of the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). The UIM, based in Monaco, unites 60 national associations and is the world’s only official authority for all motorized water sports competitions.

For the world record circumnavigation as planned by us, the UIM sets these basic conditions:

  • Starting point freely selectable
  • Start and finish point identical
  • Circumnavigation in direction east-west or west-east (approx. 24,000 nautical miles/42,000 km)
  • All degrees of longitude are to be crossed
  • Panama and Suez Canal have to be passed
  • Refueling is only allowed in ports
  • Timekeeping is from start to finish including all refueling and lay times
  • Boat length under 50 m
  • Boat meets the safety standards of international classification societies

Previous records:

1998: 75 days / Cable & Wireless Adventurer, GB

2008: 60 days / Earthrace, NZ

Our goal:

2023: 40 days / The FAST One, GER (the specifications of The FAST One would result in a time minimum of only 27 days – under realistic assumptions, however, we calculate with a large safety buffer).

Our success factors:

A highly professional resilient crew, the best possible preparation and safety, the optimal boat with the highest possible standard and highest degree of reliability as well as excellent logistics form the basis for the success of our demanding project.


The route planning is based on the general conditions set by the Union Internationale Motonautique (UIM). Due to anticipated weather and current conditions on the world’s oceans, we will adapt our route planning to our time window. It will be approximately as follows:

The Team


Joachim Pihl

Project Coordination
Competition Team

Frank Hartmann

Public Relations

Hans Gerd Gerdsen

[ Naval Architect ]
Engineering, Construction

Hendrik Weber

Ship Deck and Interior Design

Ralph Ellenberger

Competition Team

Miriam Höller

Competition Team
Prof. Dr.-Ing.

Karl-Günter Hoppe

[ Mech. Eng., Naval Architect ]
Hydro Foil System, Propulsion

Carsten Saber

Competition Team

Andreas Brensing

Competition Team

Anja Kastner

Competition Psychology
Univ. Prof. Dr.

Ingo Froböse

Competition Team
Physical Training

Michele Laviola

 [ Ph.D., Naval Architect,  Marine Engineer ]
Prof. Dr.

Rüdiger-A. Eichel



Did you know that drowning is the third leading cause of death worldwide?

Our appreciation goes to all the men and women who have made it their business to rescue people from distress at sea.

In the industrialized nations, this battle can often be decided in favor of the distressed through the use of modern rescue equipment. In developing countries, unfortunately, there is no resilient nationwide rescue network available. Especially in places where people are still dependent on the sea as a source of food, tragic accidents happen outside of public perception. Global warming will exacerbate the situation along these stretches of coastline.

Together with the “Deutsche Gesellschaft zur Rettung Schiffbrüchiger” (DGzRS) as our partner and supporter, we are making the knowledge gained from our global circumnavigation available for the further development of modern international search and rescue.


If there is interest and demand, our ship can be converted into the most modern and fastest rescue unit in the world after completion of our mission. Our ship can then be available as a technology carrier and for further support of the rescue service – and always be there where help is needed most.


Our planned fastest circumnavigation of the globe is the product of high technology, perfect logistics and top human performance in the team – but it is only made possible by sponsors and their support with financial and material resources. We offer our sponsors an absolutely unique platform for their brand communication. All three phases of the project offer excellent opportunities for marketing and public relations across a broad spectrum of media:

1. Preparation:

Design and construction phase as well as challenging training runs (incl. new world record in circumnavigation of England).

2. Global circumnavigation:

40-day world record voyage with major PR events in selected ports

3. Marketing:

World record as a competence reference, image driver and our world record yacht as an attention-grabbing show element at events and trade fairs.

The event of circumnavigating the globe and its professional execution offer an enormous potential for dynamic brands. We have worked out a multi-level sponsorship program – contact us!


You would like to become a partner / sponsor or you have questions / suggestions regarding the media and public relations, please contact us: f.hartmann [at] the-fast-one.com

If you would like information on project planning or would like to contact our competition team, please contact us: j.pihl [at] the-fast-one.com